Catholic Poetry Room
This week’s poem in the Catholic Poetry Room is by Cynthia Erlandson.

The Clouds Are the Dust of His Feet
Nahum 1: 3

His hands prepared dry land; His feet
Kick up the clouds like so much dust.
He thrills to run his race. Each gust
Of breath from him makes plumes that cast
Their shadows on the earth. His fleet
Pace raises haze above the street
Of stratus over which he strides.
He stirs accumulating tides
Of wind and water with such grace
As only He, who made all space
And moves all things, could demonstrate.
With barely-shrouded mirth, He hides
The bulk of his unbounded grandeur
Back behind the unseen sides
Of clouds – but will reveal His splendor
Inside heaven’s sunlit gate.

Cynthia Erlandson is a poet and fitness professional. Her poems have appeared in First Things, Modern Age, The Society of Classical Poets, The Book of Common Praise hymnal, and elsewhere. Her two collections of poetry are These Holy Mysteries, published in 2005, and Notes on Time, published in 2021, both through AuthorHouse.

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