Stacy Trasancos

Randy and I are pleased to welcome Stacy Trasancos as the newest contributing writer to The Integrated Catholic Life™. Her first article, “Does the River Jordan Rain Down on Us?“, will appear tomorrow, January 5th.

Stacy is a wife and mother raising seven opinionated children with her awesome husband Jose. Although she has lived in various parts of the Northeast most of her adult life, she grew up running around barefoot in Texas, still dons her cowboy boots regularly, and cherishes her Southern accent, the gift of her big-hearted, compassionate parents.

She earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry from The Pennsylvania State University in 1999 and worked as a research chemist for DuPont for five years before deciding to follow her heart and become a full-time joyful homemaker testing out new formulations in her Empire Red Kitchen Aid laboratory.

She converted to Catholicism in 2006 and, realizing she was not a perfect parent but a parent who could pray, formed an international prayer group, Parents Who Pray, with Good News Ministries of Tampa, FL.

In 2010 she began a Master’s degree in Theology at Holy Apostles College and Seminary, and started writing a column for The Catholic Free Press titled Accepting Abundance ( to share the joys of conversion. She began blogging in earnest a few months later, published her conversion story at Why I’m Catholic, and loves writing so much she hopes to do more in the future, God willing. She has written for LifeNews and appeared on several pro-life radio programs, and has recently joined Tito Edwards of The and National Catholic Register to design, manage and edit a web magazine for young adults, IGNITUM TODAY (

Her motto is “Life is precious.”

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