This week’s poem in the Catholic Poetry Room is a video of Tim Bete reading Lost Things, which originally appeared in Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry 2019.                                                               


[youtube id=”kc-ZmMD1baA”]


Presence 2019 contains more than 70 new poems; an expanded translations section that includes translations of poems by Syrian refugees never before translated into English; 23 book reviews of small collections of poems by individual authors; 2 interviews with poets, Kimberly Johnson and Daniel Tobin; and 3 essays on Dana Gioia, Anya Krugovoy Silver, and Richard Wilbur. This issue is now available.


Tim Bete is the poetry editor of the Catholic Poetry Room at His first poetry collection is The Raw Stillness of Heaven. His upcoming collection, which includes Lost Things, is Wanderings of an Ordinary Pilgrim. You can read more of his poetry at



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