We are living in challenging times.  Many of us have been touched personally (or through the lives of friends and relatives) with unemployment or underemployment.  As tough as things may be, we must look to Christ and our Catholic Faith for the guidance and strength we need to endure.  Please read the article below by Richard M. Gula which I found at American Catholic about the practice of 5 virtues which will help us stay on the right path.

5 Virtues for Hard Economic Times

By Richard M. Gula, S.S.

Day by day, our life takes root as we respond to the action of God in the world. Can we see God during economic hard times? I want to suggest five virtues whose practice will enable us to face economic uncertainty and hardship with integrity and responsibility. We can respond to God by rising to the occasion of the current economic crisis.

We need virtues, strengths of character, to carry out our responsibilities. Virtues are…

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