catholic poetry room This week’s poem in the Catholic Poetry Room is by Ogonna Kanu.

(in honor of the Blessed Sacrament)

I leave all outside
To draw into Your presence
Somewhat unsure
Somewhat confident
I lean my head
On your chest
To whisper
And feel the soft caress of grace
Here, I am

I sit still
Savoring sweet seconds
In the pleasure of knowing
Your gaze upon me
Unveil the lies
Behind my eyes
Your listening ear
Won’t doubt my heart
I am like this
With no one else

As I came
I slip away quiet
Merge into life’s whirlwind
Within I carry that touch
Lose weariness
Bury the debris of discontent
And reclaim the soothing of peace
Again I wander the earth…

Ogonna Kanu has spent 20 years of her professional life honing her administrative skills and delivering quality customer service to clients and organizations. These years have been characterized by a constant struggle to stay close to God. As a faithful layperson, she draws inspiration from simplicity, integrity and nature, and is still unsure of many things but confident in God’s love! She likes reading, traveling, adventure, and writes poetry occasionally.

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