Catholic Poetry Room
This week’s poem in the Catholic Poetry Room is by Anna Key.

No. 86

Fleeing the cruel reign of Herod, the noble kings,
through high divine reason outside their blind
human understanding, went out to find,
beyond their native kingdom, the true path which brings
peace. So, too, we should flee the proud and godless things
of this vain world and seek a different kind
of kingdom, that bright true light shining behind
the shadows, the one of which the poet sings.
And when we seek out our own eternal region
along this other more lonely and more lovely
way, when we venture beyond the known in all
humility, one star shines out from the legion
of small stars to guide us as we heed the call
to a courageous faith more lovely and more lively.

Anna Key’s poems and essays have been published or are forthcoming in Dappled Things, Convivium and Evangelization & Culture.

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