This week’s poem in the Catholic Poetry Room is by Marietta Lea B. Rosana.                                                                                                    


touching me with your love
the quiet ripple of your goodness
I unfold in wings of joy

you have come as sunlit grace
and nutrient drops of rain
to my thirsting soul

gently pruned and blessed
I now weave my own dreams
reaching for the stars

yesterday I was lost
now I am home.

Originally appeared in Philippine Graphic Magazine

Marietta Lea B. Rosana hails from Tabaco City, Philippines. She is an educator, lawyer and a retired judge in one of the Philippine lower courts. Prior to her appointment in the judiciary, she practiced as a lawyer for sixteen years with a focus on human rights and legal counseling and continues to practice law in her retirement. Her passion for literature, especially poetry, began when she was in high school and, while it took a back seat during her legal career, writing poetry is now her favorite pastime. She firmly believes that poetry serves as the soul of a nation, and that it can strengthen one’s faith. Recurrent themes in her poetry are silence, hope, beauty, justice and God’s love. Her poems have been published in various national magazines, including the Philippine Graphic Magazine and Philippine Journal of Education, as well as the Manila Daily Bulletin (Bulletin Today), a national newspaper.

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