This week’s poem in the Catholic Poetry Room is by Marilyn Page.                                                                                                     

With the Saints
Northern light, true light
unveils the green cedars in the glen.
I enter the hush, contrite
for not thanking family gone before
for the small attentions when
I was young. I now deplore
the ingratitude.
Yet it is not too late
to thank them, for despite
my neglect, in hindsight,
now only gratefulness. Walk with me here
with a barred owl swooping in crisp air.
On dirt and pine needles I tread carefully.
Be with me in this light, a treasury
of reverie yet more than memory
Be with me now.

Marilyn Page lives in Leavenworth, first city of Kansas with her husband, Joe. She is a retired social worker, having counseled and managed faith-based non-profit agencies helping those with less. She volunteers at the local interfaith shelter. She is friends with the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth and enjoys their company. She visits with the Sisters often, including those who are more limited now with health challenges.

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