This week’s poem in the Catholic Poetry Room is by David Russell Mosley.

The Light of Christ

His precious blood poured down with water and light.
The Light of all the world for us was snuffed out.
Just as a candle standing in the night
Is finally hushed, leaving darkness and doubt,
So he too was hushed, uttering his final
Cry. But Death’s domain could not contain
Him. He swallowed death which tried to swallow
Him. To give us life is why he came.
And now this light shines through the wine and bread,
And we’re consumed by that we’re meant to eat.
For he consumes all things, from life to death,
And brings us through and to our final feast.
For now he feeds us with his bread and wine,
But on that day, it’s Light on which we’ll dine.

Dr. David Russell Mosley has a PhD in theology from the University of Nottingham. His poetry has been published in Jesus the Imagination, Black Bough, Macrina Magazine, and was featured in Z Publishing’s anthology, New Hampshire’s Best Emerging Poets 2019. When he’s not writing, David likes to go for hikes in the woods with his twin boys, or stay home, smoke a pipe, and drink a nice scotch. You can find out more about David at

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