Life Begins at Conception—The Science is Settled

by Deacon Michael Bickerstaff | July 7, 2019 12:04 am


Life begins at conception. That is a medical fact. But the democrats who lead their party, or seek to, are hell-bent on promoting and defending murdering that innocent life all the way up to live birth and, in some instances, beyond birth.

This latest lurch by the Democratic Party to fully support attacking defenseless babies in the name of choice reminded me of a twitter exchange I had a few years ago. I was checking out the latest tweets on Twitter… did I really just write THAT!?!  Anyway, I stumbled upon a conversation between a solid, pro-life Catholic and someone who thinks that opposition to abortion is ridiculous.

So, did I quietly move on, recognizing that then 140-character-limit tweet is no place to enter into debate on the culture wars? Nope. Against all common sense and good judgment, I jumped into the fray.

I wrote, “Children are always a blessing… always… and innocent.

Surely no one could take offense at this statement. Wrong!

I suppose that I could have expected someone to respond with, “Yeah, but even blessings need to be wanted…” or some other tripe that completely ignores the new human life that most moms and dads refer to as babies. But, I never saw the actual response coming…

“With all due respect, Deacon Mike, not everyone agrees.”

She continued…

“Also, preg/childbirth have significant risks.”

This was from a medical doctor, of all people. After several more exchanges, I replied to her…

“I know these are difficult questions… truly.”

“But the intentional killing of an innocent baby is never the answer. God Bless.”

Here is where I was floored.  Another person joined the conversation and took exception with my phrase, “innocent baby”.

This new participant wrote, “Calling a zygote or a fetus ‘an innocent baby’ is not responsible.” And another one said we were talking about two cells, not a human being.

See why I say it is useless to get in the sound-bite-sized debates? Calling me irresponsible for stating the obvious is what is irresponsible.

The Science is in and It is Conclusive

Medical Science has long understood when a new, self-determining, unique human life begins. It begins at fertilization, also called conception; the coming together of the sperm and the ovum.

This is not religious thought or opinion—it is settled science.

This “product of conception,” a euphemism used by the pro-abort side to distract us from reality, is a new organism. Its DNA is unique from its mother and father. It is human. If allowed to mature, it will never become a fish, bird or animal—it is and always will be a human.

Most other arguments are distractions or distortions.

You get the idea. The reality is far different from how it is portrayed by those who favor abortion. It is actually the Catholic Church with the science on its side. It is the pro-abortion crowd that often speaks, not with science, but with emotion and, dare I say, blind faith to the secular deity of self.

What is even more frightening is the trend by many over the past few decades who acknowledge the science yet argue in favor of abortion anyway.  God save us all.

Pray, pray and pray some more. And become involved in the pro-life movement.

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