Poetry Submissions

If you’re interested in having your poetry considered for the Catholic Poetry Room at IntegratedCatholicLife.org, please e-mail your submission to Jeffrey Essmann, the Room’s editor, at jeffrey.essmann@gmail.com after reviewing the guidelines below. Include your name, website and, if the poem has been previously published, the name of the publication where it first appeared.

Please read other poems in the Catholic Poetry Room to get a feel for whether your poetry is a good fit.

Frequency: We publish 52 poems each year; one per week on the Catholic Poetry Room page.

Audience: Catholics, many of whom are new to poetry Many readers will not have read any poetry since high school. As you consider poems that might be appropriate for the site, consider them through the eyes of someone fairly new to poetry.

Guidelines: We accept both new and previously-published poetry and are looking for poems that are accessible to the average Catholic and show a strong connection between faith and everyday life, or break open Scripture in a new way for the reader. We welcome a wide range of poetic forms, from formal and free verse to ekphrastics, and are looking in general for a sense of heightened language, effective imagery, and an honest expression of the author’s spiritual journey. Avoid sermonizing. (Good Rule of Thumb: “Show, don’t tell.”)

There’s no compensation for poetry published on the site. We will include a 200-word bio with a link to your website. If the poem was previously published, we will gladly include attribution of its initial publication.

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