“The School of Athens” (detail showing Aristotle with the elder Plato) by Raphael

A Daily Quote to Inspire Your Catholic Faith

“I like bells, especially ones that ring in the distance. Bells, particularly church bells, have been mostly silenced, for pragmatic reasons, as we all have watches, or for cultural reasons, as we all want to sleep unmolested on Sunday or any other morning, even though motorcycles can go full blast through our cities at 3 A.M. But in Rome, in the early spring evening, before Pentecost, the bells called us to something else. The whole culture historically agreed that there was something else to be called to, to prayer, to reflection. Sound itself can be beautiful. That is why we make bells, I suppose. Even silence, in a way, needs bells so that we can hear it.” (Father James V. Schall, S.J., 1928-2019, Unexpected Meditations Late in the Twentieth Century, Chicago—Franciscan Herald Press, 1985)

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