Father Solanus Casey – CC 3.0 via Wikipedia.

Venerable Solanus Casey, O.F.M. Cap. was a holy Catholic priest whose faith and passion for the Lord and his poor were deep and abiding; and guided by an absolute trust in God’s Providence. He died in 1957. Although he became one of the most well known priests in Detroit, Michigan, many in the United States and around the world do not yet know him or his story. That is about to change with his Beatification on Saturday, November 18, 2017 when he will become known as Blessed Solanus Casey.

The saints offer us powerful models of discipleship by which we can more fully respond to the Lord’s grace and will and grow in holiness and the practice of virtue. The life of Fr. Solanus is no exception!

The beatification Mass for Father Solanus will see 60,000 people in what is anticipated to be the largest Catholic event in Detroit, Michigan since the visit of the then future Saint John Paul II to the city in 1987.

Thirty years ago, the Papal Mass was held inside the now demolished Pontiac Silverdome, north of Detroit. This time the beatification Mass for Father Casey will take place Saturday, November 18th in downtown Detroit at Ford Field, the home of the National Football League’s Detroit Lions.

Integrated Catholic Life and your reporter, Mark Armstrong will feature stories about this remarkable saint in-the-making later this week in the run-up to and a full report from the beatification Mass.

For more information about His humble Irish roots, his call to the priesthood, his life amongst his fellow Capuchins and his example of love to the sick, poor and those in deep spiritual need, also visit: Road to Sainthood. Into the deep… (Mark Armstrong and Deacon Mike Bickerstaff contributed to this post.)

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