“Christ the Consolator” (detail) by Carl Bloch

My soul rests in God alone, from whom comes my salvation. God alone is my rock and salvation, my fortress; I shall never fall. (Psalm 62:2-3).

Psalm 62 is (one of the Psalms recited this evening at Vespers) speaks of the joy and confidence from knowing God intimately as the only One in whom we can ever find the fullness of our purpose and faithfulness.

Too often we are distracted by the day’s worries and problems, the day’s temptations and dangers. Too often we allow anxiety to create doubt in our souls. This can be especially true when we suffer a great and unexpected loss. Worry and fear cause us to stumble and to doubt. Such emotions can lead us to lose our zeal and our sense of motivation to live God’s purpose for our life.

When you you find yourself in these moments, I believe four prayers can set you free to be… and then to act!

  1. Pray! Offer God praise for who He is.
  2. Pray! Be grateful for your blessings, thank God for all.
  3. Pray! Pray a Psalm, such as Psalm 62.
  4. Pray! Petition the Lord for the knowledge and wisdom needed to be a friend to those He places in your life.


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