daily-reflection-featured-w740x493“Our spirits are hungry and dry and weak. Though we are wide awake, our souls, apart from God, lie drained of all power and nearly asleep. Then something stirs. His wondrous presence is passing. Can you not sense Him right now?” (St. John of the Cross, Living Flame of Love – Stanza 3, paraphrased by David Hazzard).

Here is a profound truth: We seek God because He seeks us first. When we think of Him, it is because He has placed within us that thought.

The Lord is passing by.  He is very near to us. So, today is the day to surrender fully to His love, to say yes to all the good He offers, to finally see that what you have thought you wanted is not as wonderful as what He freely offers. Jesus comes today and all days. When we surrender to Him, the Holy Spirit sets us apart, protects and consoles us, corrects us and showers us with mercy, guides us in all wisdom and makes us holy. Don’t let the Lord pass you by. He is near.

Remember, you are dust, and to dust you will return. Repent and believe in the Gospel.

Editor’s Note: Join us each morning during Lent for Daily Lenten Reflections.

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