woman-anonymous-drinking-coffee-featured-w740x493I get asked quite often how I do it all.

Sometimes, it’s other moms. Other times, it’s colleagues of mine. There are times when it’s someone I barely know.

These people see something in me that makes them question my sanity, my organizational system, and/or my ability to get it all done. (And they don’t even know the half of it, I assure you.)

Well, here’s the answer:

By the grace of God…and with a LOT of coffee!

I’m only half joking, and the joking part isn’t what you think: lately I’ve been drinking decaf, so the coffee part is misleading. But I do love coffee, so it is, if nothing else, my little comfort drink to start each day.

But really, when I look at my life — at what I have to do and what I expect myself to do—there are times when I think my brain might explode. There are moments when I’m overwhelmed with a feeling that God has just asked tooooooooo much of the wrong person.

Why, oh why, do I have to do all of this?

Well, I don’t. I signed up for this, to some extent. I write because the words explode and because I feel called to it. My journey to tapping on a keyboard and sharing myself with people is grounded in hours of Adoration and spiritual direction.

I have a system, and it’s one that works for me. I keep lists and lists and lists.

But I also pray. A. Lot.

And I trust that the prayer will mix in with the coffee to give me the graces I need to do whatever it is God has in mind for me each day.

Now, I’m going to turn it on you: How do YOU do it all? 🙂

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