chime-travelers-1-and-2Finding out that founder and writer extraordinaire Lisa Hendey was releasing the first two books in her new middle grade series was like getting a Christmas present that’s lasted for a few months.

I had my first look at them a few months ago, when Hendey and her editor asked me to endorse them. I had my latest look at them after they arrived at my house last Friday, though that look didn’t last long.

My ten-year-old promptly claimed them. “THESE are the books Lisa HENDEY wrote?!?” she exclaimed/asked as she snuck them out from under my nose. (Side note: yes, even my kids are in awe of Lisa Hendey. EVERYONE knows her!)

She walked around with the books, each in turn, taking them in the van everywhere that weekend. By Sunday afternoon, she declared them done. And asked me when Book 3 would be available.

“Well, honey, it will be a little while.”

“WHAT? But they’re so GOOD!”

The Chime Travelers books are worth putting on your “buy for every kid you love” list. The series is sure to delight you even as it introduces you to your favorite saints as approachable people. The adventures these books share will make you think, teach you both history and faith, and inspire smiles and chuckles. You won’t want to put them down, and you’ll definitely want to share them with everyone you know!

Book 1, The Secret of the Shamrock, introduces you to twins Patrick and Katie. It also introduces you to St. Patrick…in person. Patrick and his pet frog Francis find themselves whisked away to Ireland. During his journey, Patrick learns a lot about the great Irish saint and he also learns quite a bit about himself.

Book 2, The Sign of the Carved Cross, involves Patrick’s sister Katie, who has the experience of meeting St. Kateri Tekawitha in person and in context. Her time with St. Kateri gives her a new way to consider the way she treats others, but never once is it preachy.

These books are a combination of time travel and saint lesson, with faith sprinkled in between. The adventure and the dialogue are authentic, the stories are easy to share, and the reading is delightful, whether you do it out loud or individually.

My plan is to read these allowed with my seven-year-old, though I think she could probably handle them herself.

Don’t let the fact that these are classified as kids’ books keep you from checking them out for yourself. I learned quite a bit about both of these saints, and I thank Lisa Hendey for the gift these books will be in my life for quite some time!

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