"Adoration of the Lamb" (detail) by van Eyck

“Adoration of the Lamb” (detail) by van Eyck

“Dad, I had another dream about God last night,” said the nine-year-old son who had an intense dream about the Eucharist a few months earlier.

“Oh? Tell me about it,” his Dad asked with a heightened curiosity.

“Well, I woke up to the sound of destruction in our neighborhood.  Trees were falling and everything was being destroyed; it was dark and gloomy, total chaos!”

“Wow, tell me more. What happened, was it like a severe storm or tornado?”

The son answered, “No, it was a force, like a dark cloud shaped in a circle, moving and crushing everything in its path.  The strange thing about this was the dark force replaced everything with giant mansions.  They were put up in place of where people lived.  Even the animals scattered.”

“What did you do?” asked his Dad interested in this detail.

“I went outside holding a lamb, just like the one on the stained glass window at church.  I held that lamb tightly and went outside.  The lamb was with me, I don’t know why.  But, when the force saw the lamb it became really mad, so I put the lamb down and the force went crazy.  A battle started and all of sudden the dark circle just blew apart up into the sky.”

“What happened then?” his Dad asked, now amazed at what he was hearing.

“Everything went back to normal, and the neighborhood came back,” the boy described with a calm look on his face, “even the animals.”

Was God speaking to his son in a dream?  The Dad pondered many things.  He thought of the Bible and St. John’s book Revelation, especially Revelation 5 where the Lamb of God stands against Satan.  He was thinking about the stained glass window above the Altar at St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church which depicts the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world positioned in the middle of the Twelve Apostles.  He thought his son might be day dreaming during Mass but, it turned out his son noticed the beauty of the church.

May the Lord bless His Catholic Church and your parish, that all future generations of children will keep our Faith.

Editor’s Note: Check out this other article about another dream this nine-year-old boy had over a year ago.

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