pregnant-heart-featured-w740x493Even though I’ve been at this mom thing for ten years, I catch myself learning things all the time in the arena of motherhood. In the past, I’ve blamed this on the fact that I’m a rookie, but I don’t know…can I still use that excuse after a decade of experience?

Yesterday morning at Mass, contemplating the magi who traveled across countless miles to see the Infant King, I had another moment. I was walking back from the communion line, the taste of wine still in my mouth and the host melting in my mouth. My mind was blank until I sat down and realized…

My infant is getting a taste of Jesus right now!

This isn’t my first pregnancy (and yet it doesn’t at all feel like getting back on a bike or like something I’m an old hand at). This isn’t the first time I’ve gone through communion and received the Eucharist when pregnant. In fact, by my calculations, I’ve done it at least 132 times.

But it wasn’t until this week that it struck me just what it means when I receive communion while I’m pregnant.

I’m sharing Jesus with my unborn baby. I’m somehow sharing the most important part of my life, the very belief I’ve staked so much on, with a person who communicates with me only in kicks and pushes and hiccups.

And not only that, but I’ve done this with each of my other children!

This just gave me a whole new view of evangelization and my role in it.

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