St. John Damascene Priest and Doctor of the Church

St. John Damascene
Priest and Doctor of the Church

“Even though your most holy and blessed soul was separated from your most happy and immaculate body, according to the usual course of nature, and even though it was carried to a proper burial place, nevertheless it did not remain under the dominion of death, nor was it destroyed by corruption.

“Indeed, just as her virginity remained intact when she gave birth, so her body, even after death, was preserved from decay and transferred to a better and more divine dwelling place. There it is no longer subject to death but abides for all ages.” (St. John Damascene, priest and Doctor of the Church, Homily 2 on the Dormition; died ca. 750 AD; Optional Memorial – December 4)

December 4 is the Optional Memorial of St. John Damascene (died ca. 750 AD).

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