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"Saint Benedict of Nursia" by Fra Angelico

The Second Step to Humility

‘The second step of humility is that a man should not love his own will nor take pleasure in carrying out his own desires.’

St Benedict cuts right to the heart of the matter in his instruction on the development of humility. Are you able, right from the moment of waking to begin serving others?

This is the mark of humility. Furthermore, it is one of the signs of success.

The person who serves others will not only be happy, but he will enjoy good relationships, solid friendships, a good marriage and a successful career. Service of others not only has other people appreciating you for what you do for them, but more importantly they appreciate you for who you are.

This is because your identity is revealed more and more by not only by the fact that you serve others, but you are also therefore a genuinely humble person.

Becoming humble in this way is the most difficult task anyone can attempt. In fact, on our own it is impossible. That is why in this chapter (chapter 7) Benedict refers us to Christ who “came not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me.”

It is only as Christ’s Spirit empowers us that we will genuinely be able to serve others.

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