Our 10th grandchild, Lara Veronica, came into the world recently.  I wrote the following poem for her as seen through the eyes of her 7-year-old sister.

For My Little Sister

Where did you come from, little baby?

Not from the hospital, as some are told,

That’s just a delivery station,

But from someone closer, for you are my sister.

You are defenseless and helpless

Yet, you are not worried;

Your contentment is just a twitch of the nose away

Or as close as a stretch of your tiny fingers.

You are serenely confident that God has provided you

With everything you need:

Love and guidance from mom and dad,

Fun and games from your trio of sisters.

Modest, though miraculous,

Eager, yet incapable,

You instruct me on the virtues

Of gentleness and care.

I think that we have much to teach each other

In our classroom without walls

But as for now, you are my master

And I, your submissive student.

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