A Personal Relationship with Jesus

by Cheryl Dickow | January 7, 2011 12:01 am

JesusAs the New Year unfolds there are countless thoughts that fill our hearts and minds.

We think of our health, our work, our family, our friends. We examine our relationships and take in the past and the future in one deep, exhilarating breath. Most of us use this time to get our bearings: where we’ve been, where we’re headed.

Maybe we have made great strides in our efforts to be “better” in the previous year and we want to continue improving ourselves. Or maybe we made no improvements at all and this is the year that we will make headway. For most of us, however, we find ourselves somewhere in between: we are getting better at virtuous living but still have a long way to go.

January, then, becomes that time when we assess the past and in some way “plan” the future. We set goals and consider ways to achieve those goals. We want to live more purposefully. We have thoughts about eating and exercise and patience and kindness and charity.

This, we tell ourselves, will be a banner year.

Of all the things we contemplate, we will soon find that some are more difficult than others but in the beginning, all our goals are important.

One of the most important goals we can have as we look the New Year square in the eye is to strengthen our personal relationship with Christ.

“Personal relationship with Christ” happens to be one of my favorite sayings. I see it as the passion of our everyday living. January is a perfect time to develop, strengthen and deepen our friendship with our Savior.  It is a time to look at our daily living and set goals that reflect our interest in Him and our desire to deepen our knowledge of Him.

Happy New Year!

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