It began snowing in Atlanta on the Solemnity of the Baptism of the Lord.

Right now, as I approach 1 a.m. watching the large trees surrounding my home bear up (hopefully) under the weight of snow and ice, I am at first apprehensive of the damage falling trees might cause. We are now up to 4 inches and it continues to come down, possibly for another 24 hours, including sleet and freezing rain later today.

But, as I survey the landscape, I am more struck by the beauty of a world blanketed in white and I am gaining a sense of peace.

Yesterday, Sunday, we celebrated the Baptism of the Lord and recalled our own baptisms. For centuries, it has been the practice of the Church to clothe the newly baptized in white garments, symbolizing the passing from death to new life, from the old to the new, from sin to virtue and holiness.

How fitting it is that God has covered the land here in white on this great and solemn feast. Thank you, Lord, for this gift in Atlanta.

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