Our Jewish Roots: A Catholic Woman’s Guide to Fulfillment Today by Connecting with her Past

By Cheryl Dickow

A Review by Guest Contributor Christine Capolino

The book with the pull. The overwhelming desire to “get back to that book,” as the laundry basket spills haphazardly; spaghetti sauce stained dishes languish; lesson plan book waits open and blank. Until your brain is fed. That is the allure of Bezalel Books’ Our Jewish Roots, inspiringly researched and penned by Cheryl Dickow.

You will find yourself reaching for a yellow legal pad and sharpening a Dixon Ticonderoga, as you become immersed in Judaic tradition and its very real applications to your feminine role in modern society. Due to Mrs. Dickow’s in depth research and beautiful recording of our Jewish ancestors, you will feel compelled to chart the Biblical history that you never knew (or forgot!). Additionally, the myriad of ways in which the strong and intrepid women of Judaic history display traits that we can all model, as we reconcile our place as modern Catholic women, are clearly and beautifully related.

Mrs. Dickow interprets our Jewish ancestry by initially introducing us to the foundations of Judaism in “Traditions, Teachings and Truths Rooted in the Jewish Faith.” We are then encouraged to examine our relationship with the Holy Spirit, to heed the Spirit when He calls, to “cultivate our spiritual selves,” rather than embracing the call and the “busy-ness” of the secular world.

In “Role Models for Today’s Catholic Woman,” we are treated to a litany of virtues displayed by many Biblical women:

From Eve reaching for the apple as she is duped by the “ultimate liar,” we learn to accept our own vulnerability as well as to appreciate the gift of Free Will and how enriched our lives will become when we choose goodness over evil.

From Noah’s wife and daughters-in-law, we learn that although the world values fame, through the monotony of caring for others and remaining anonymous, we bring glory to God.

From the heroines, Shiphrah and Puah, we learn that “fear of God” causes them to take a stand and follow their free will, thus becoming the first pro-life women of Exodus. Despite their brief mention, their choice was resounding and earth shattering.  We should learn from them and publicly display even a glimmer of their courage, as we navigate the current, accepted, pro-death climate of our civilization.

Numerous beautiful women of the Bible are discussed. You will find yourself reading, rereading and appreciating these women as beacons of guidance in your own life. I did. I am richer for having read this stunning portrayal of our ancestors, whose display of feminine genius is humbling.

I thank Mrs. Dickow for her powerful representation of these role models, to whom I am indebted. I have no doubt that Our Jewish Roots will take its place on your shelf next to Alice von Hildebrand’s The Privilege of Being a Woman, just as it has on mine.

For information on ordering this gem, please visit www.BezalelBooks.com.

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