Dr. Peter Kreeft, a Contributing Writer for the ICL, is a well-known Catholic professor of Philosophy at Boston College and a prolific author with many published books about the faith. He has written several books intended to persuade those who now support abortion to oppose it.  I have stumbled upon a transcript of a presentation he gave that introduces us to the philosophical arguments opposing abortion.  During this Respect Life Month, it might be a good time to take a moment to visit his website and read this transcript.

Over the years, I have had friends and others attempt to argue that I have no business imposing my religious beliefs on those who do not hold them. They suggest that my belief in the evil of abortion is one such belief.  My response is, “while my religion teaches that abortion is an intrinsic evil, I don’t need by religious beliefs to know that abortion is evil.”

After reading Dr. Kreeft’s transcript, I believe I am better equipped to make this argument. How about you? What are your “non-religious” arguments for the intrinsic evil of abortion?

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