There has been much debate in the last several years over the role of religion in the public square and whether or not the Founding Fathers intended for America to be a Christian Country.  One can read the numerous quotes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and others to see the clear influence and frequent mentioning of God in their thinking and writing.  Remember “One nation under God….”?

This debate affects all Christians, Catholics and Protestants alike, who treasure the values and ideals that have been handed down to us from our Founding Fathers.  Increasingly, the secular world is crowding religion out of public life and we should all be alarmed.  More importantly, we need to act and do something about it.

What are your thoughts?  Do you feel that our rights to religious expression are being infringed upon?  How are your actions being affected in this area versus how you may have acted 10 years ago?

Take a look at Joe Carter’s recent article on the CERC website, Founding Believers, for a probing look at what exactly the Founding Fathers believed and intended for our great nation.  I look forward to the discussion!

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