Every now and then you read something that simply must be read and shared.  This recent address by Archbishop Charles Chaput to the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars is deeply insightful into the challenges Catholics face today and what we must do to get back on track.  I encourage you to read this, share your comments and pass it along to your friends.

Life in the Late Republic: The Catholic role in America after virtue

Archbishop Chaput delivered the following remarks to the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars on Sunday, Sept. 26.

Exactly 70 years ago, in 1940, Father John Courtney Murray gave a series of three college talks.  For his theme, he chose the “concept of a Christian culture.”  After his death, his Jesuit brothers fused the talks into a single essay called “The Construction of a Christian Culture.” It’s a modest word change.  But that title – the construction of a Christian culture – is a good place to begin our thoughts this morning. – Read more…

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