Fr. Kevin Peek of the Atlanta Archdiocese has been serving as a military chaplain for a number of years.  Previously, he was the chaplain at our Catholic high school.  He informed me on September 22nd that he was ordered back to Afghanistan to assume the duties of another chaplain who was killed in early September.  Fr. Kevin will be gone through June, 2011.

I have two things to ask of you. 

One, is that you pray everyday for this priest and all chaplains who serve in harm’s way.  He is a good friend. Also pray for the men he serves.

Two, Fr. Peek has asked that we support him and his men in prayer in a particular way, so I include his request below and ask you to consider participating.

Blessed friends,

Some I have had the opportunity of talking with directly, others are hearing this for the first time: I have been deployed to Afghanistan in an emergency status to fill in for a chaplain that was killed here recently.  I will be here for ten months, in a region that is highly dangerous and hazardous in many ways to my Soldiers and the local populace.  We are here to make life better for the locals, and we have our work cut out for us.

My men and I are greatly in need of your prayers: prayers for protection, for perseverance, and for hope and courage in the face of the challenges we face.  I am asking that each of you commit to some time of prayer, either daily or weekly, with some specific prayer or scripture verse you will pray and reflect on, in our behalf.  If you so accept, I ask that you send those verses/prayers so that we can know them and join in as well.  If your prayer or verse changes, please update that with an email–even if it is a different one every week/day.  My goal, vision and hope through this project is not just to surround my men with a prayer hedge of protection, but to get all of us praying more and taking time to acknowledge the presence and purpose of God in our lives. 

Thank you in advance for your support!

Please forward this on to anyone you think might join–giving them my email and snail mail addresses as well:

CH (CPT) Kevin Peek
FOB Walton
APO AE 09355

His unworthy servant and yours,
Fr. Kevin T. M. Peek

When evil days are upon us and the worker of malice gains power, we must attend to our own souls and seek to know the ways of the Lord.  In those times reverential fear and perseverance will sustain our faith, and we will find need of forbearance and self-restraint as well.  Provided that we hold fast to these virtues and look to the Lord, then wisdom, understanding, knowledge and insight will make joyous company with them. –Barnabas

Note: I have edited out Fr. Peek’s email address.  You may answer his request through his snail-mail address or email me the info and I will forward to Fr. Peek. – Deacon Mike

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