How important are you to God? This seems like a silly question with an obvious answer, but could you give someone factual evidence to prove your importance—as a human being—to an Almighty Creator? Growing up, you most certainly learned that the creation of man on the sixth day was the shining moment—the climax in the story of creation. But if someone asked you to show them, in Scripture, how you know this to be true, could you?

In Genesis 1:26-28, we learn that God created humans in His image and likeness, giving them dominion over the rest of God’s earthly creation. Here we see that there is something special about humanity, namely, that humans are created in the image and likeness of the Creator! How special we are that we mirror the One who made us. God ingrained within man the ability to reflect His perfect wisdom, goodness, love, truth, and beauty.

I remember once at a band awards banquet that the director seemed to say more about one student than any other. Why? Well, that evening this student was being recognized as the “most outstanding student” in the symphonic band, the masterpiece of the director’s work. He most closely mirrored the likeness of the director himself, having mastered music in a way that stood out from other members of the band.

Read the creation story in Genesis. Does it take you longer to read through any day in particular? It should…on day six: the creation of man. In describing creation on the sixth day, Sacred Scripture shows us that the number of words allocated to the explanation of this day is nearly twice as many as the words used on any other day of creation. How special we are that Scripture takes a deep breath here, pausing to note the magnificence of this day by showing how humanity stands out from other aspects of God’s creation.

Humanity is the pinnacle of God’s creation. You are that important to Him. Don’t forget that. The Almighty Creator has great expectations for you, you who were created on the sixth day. He designed you in His image and likeness, an image and likeness He would like to see shine forth from you onto all His creation. If we recognize our importance in God’s creation, perhaps we will begin—just begin—to see our importance in His Divine Plan…and then do something about it.

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