If you are interested in finding books that are written by Catholic authors for Catholic audiences and are perfect for summer reading, I’ve put together a list that is sure to help you make some good decisions.  I know you will be pleasantly surprised with these great books and will find each to be enlightening, entertaining and well worth your time. So, go ahead and print this list out, save it, share it…I am sure you will love these recommendations!

Highly recommended fiction for adults: 

Saintly Remains by Tony Perona. Tony is a wonderful Catholic author whose books are great summer reading for mystery enthusiasts. All of Perona’s titles are great reads!

Highly recommended non-fiction for adults:

From Pharaoh to the Father by Kay Murdy, who is the co-coordinator of the Catholic Bible Institute for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, is absolutely jam packed with spiritual information about the Lord’s Prayer and provides a great depth of information from which to spend contemplative time with God.  From Pharaoh to Father is available at http://www.daily-word-of-life.com/kay’s_writings2.htm

Highly recommended parenting books:

Patti Maguire Armstrong has a great parenting book called Catholic Truths for Catholic Our Catholic Children. Definitely should be on every parent’s bookshelf!

Sometimes parents need books that make them smile along with shed an occasional tear.  It isn’t just about great tips but also about connecting with an author in a very real way.  This is just what is offered in Please Don’t Drink the Holy Water by Susan Lloyd

Highly recommended fiction for teens and adults:

The Story of Peace by Miriam Ezeh is a beautiful story of chaste love and right relationships and has been heralded as “required reading” for every teenager and adult. 

Highly recommended fiction for late elementary and pre-teens:

The Green Coat: A Tale from the Dust Bowl Years by Rosemary McDunn was #1 in Historical Fiction last year on Amazon! Everyone – parents, teachers, and kids – love this book.

My Big Feet by Joan L. Kelly is that perfect combination of plot, characters, and our Catholic faith and has received a “highly recommended” by Midwest book review.

You can’t let summer slip by without having read Dear God, I don’t get it! in your home. This is best-selling Catholic author Patti Maguire Armstrong’s wonderful work for Catholic kids.

Highly recommended pro-life and vocation building books for young Catholic children:

Joseph’s Hands by Harriet Sabatini has been endorsed by Archbishop Foley of Alabama and has been featured on a number of Catholic radio programs; it  has recently received Apostolic blessings from Pope Benedict XVI.

Isabel’s Sister by Harriet Sabatini is also highly recommended reading for young Catholic children.  

May you and your family enjoy many of these fine works by Catholic authors and be enriched by their faithfulness to our Catholic Church.

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