Dr. Peter Kreeft wrote in Back to Virtue, “The patient, Western civilization, may indeed die soon and will certainly die some day, for everything human is mortal. But it need not die now. Though we are sliding towards the abyss…we can (still) turn back the clock which keeps false time.”

It seems we are bound and determined to continue the slide.  The Associated Press reports today that the Provincetown School Board in Massachusetts has approved a policy in which condoms will be made available to any child in the public school system, no matter the student’s age. And it reports there is no parental notification requirement.

Providing contraceptives to any minor is not the place of a school system… its simply wrongheaded and immoral – though I know some would disagree, but should not everyone see the absurdity of this policy which effectively makes them available to even kids in public elementary schools? Be warned, this is surely coming to a school near you. Parents must simply stand up and say, “Enough already!”

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