Robert Royal, Editor-in-Chief of The Catholic Thing, wrote an interesting editorial today on his website titled A Holy Spirit WindowRemarkable Renewal.  He addresses the challenges the Church faces today honesty and candidly, but makes excellent points about the incredible growth and resurgence of the Catholic Church under Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI’s leadership.  I encourage you to read and reflect on this piece today.  What are your impressions?  Please share below in the comments ection.

A Remarkable Renewal

By Robert Royal

I just attended the twenty-fifth anniversary of a priest’s ordination, and it got me thinking about how far the Church has come in the past quarter century. Many journalists and even Catholics would say, yes, the Church has gone quite far in recent years alright – right into a global crisis of sexual abuse by priests and criminal negligence by bishops: some merely incompetent, others naive believers in psychological “experts” claiming they could manage manipulative predators. Yet this general impression, understandable in many respects, misses…

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