I came across an interesting post this evening about a common problem for men: how do we respond to the often conflicting challenges we face regarding making more money in our jobs or spending more time with our families.  More money is usually connected to more travel, longer hours and more stress.  How often will we miss family dinner?  Can we ever coach our kids in sports?  How is our marriage?  The author addresses the issue squarely and I encourage you to read this.  Let us know if you have faced this issue before.  How did you handle it?

Your Money or Your (Family) Life

By Ken Canfield

Should you take that big promotion even if it means more travel? Should you change careers?

A dad named Tim recently asked us for advice on some big decisions related to his career and how it impacts his ability to be a father.  Well, Tim, here’s a decision-making system I recommend, and it’ll work even for your daily work/family decisions.

First, you can…

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