I read a wonderful article by Dr. Edward Sri of the Augustine Institute this morning that could not have come at a better time.  As I felt frustration over my daily list of 50 things I had to get done today and the business deals which weren’t going perfectly, I was inspired by his encouraging article and the need to be patient, prayerful and persevere.  Dr. Sri uses St. Joseph as his model.  How appropriate that I should reflect on the foster father of our Lord and the patron saint of fathers today!  I encourage you to read this and share your comments below.  How do you deal with frustration?  Does Dr. Sri’s advice resonate with you?

The Art of Living: Patience and Perseverance

By Dr. Edward Sri

How do you respond when “bad things” happen to you? When you experience disappointment or setbacks? When you are hurt by something someone said?

When experiencing sorrow, we might be tempted to close in on ourselves. We might allow negative emotions to gnaw at us. We might fail to be attentive to others’ needs because we are so preoccupied with our troubles. We might also become sluggish in our responsibilities, not giving the best of ourselves at work and with our family.

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