I read with great interest George Marlin’s piece on The Catholic Thing titled American Anti-Catholicism.  He takes the reader through the history of anti-Catholic feeling in this country with examples from the 1840’s to the present time.  He says today’s anti-Catholics are “smug secularists who want radical autonomy – and therefore frown upon Catholic values and despise authority.”  I think there is truth to what he is saying.  What do you think?  Please read the full article and help us answer these important questions:

Have you personally experienced anti-Catholicism?  How did you deal with it?

Do you feel the attacks from secularists are motivated by hatred towards the Church’s unwillingness to conform to the modernist’s views on abortion, same-sex marriage, divorce, etc.?

Other thoughts?

American Anti-Catholicism

By George Marlin

During Lent and Easter this year, America’s anti-Catholics were out in force spreading misinformation and distortions in the hopes of toppling the pope and crippling the hierarchy of the Church.

The assailants – the usual suspects led by the New York Times – would have people believe that the sex-abuse scandals are widening. This is false.

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