This is an interesting and dare I say convicting article for many of us.  Our children are far busier and involved in more activities than I ever was as a kid.  Is that your experience as well?  Take a look at this article by Catholic psychiatrist Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons.  Do you agree with his conclusions/suggestions?

Youth Sports and You

By Richard Fitzgibbons, M.D.

Don’t let sports leagues take over your faith or your family.

Images of the “Little League parent” are fixed in the American mind as a kind of psychological state. There’s dad on the sidelines yelling for his kid to get a hit to soothe the lingering shame over striking out in his own youth. Or mom in the bleachers waving junior to home plate so she can hold her head high at the morning carpool.

Although there seem to be fewer sideline displays by parents these days than a generation ago, and more adults are aware of the negative aspects of reliving their past through their children, there are a number of more subtle dangers associated with youth sports that…

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