Recap of SPC Business Association Meeting with Tom Peterson – “Jesus is Recruiting Saints…Apply Now!”

by Randy Hain | April 15, 2010 1:59 pm

Listen to the podcast from Tom Peterson of Catholics Come Home…[1]

We were blessed with a large crowd this past Tuesday night to hear, and founder Tom Peterson give an inspiring talk titled “Jesus is recruiting Saints…Apply Now!”  Tom weaved a number of relative personal stories and experiences in with Church teaching and scripture to describe our call to share our faith with others and pursue lives of holiness.  Tom described a powerful experience he had at a Catholic men’s retreat 13 years ago and the subsequent change in his life that led him from a money focused life and growing advertising business to the launch of three of the most successful Catholic media focused ministries in the world.  Virtue Media has helped saved thousands of babies from abortion through compelling TV ads.  Catholics Come Home is helping to draw thousands of Catholics back to the Church around the world through the airing of powerful and well produced TV commercials.  Finally, his newest ministry is called which will officially launch on Father’s Day this year.  This needed ministry will focus on helping lay people support our priests around the world.  Here are a few excerpts from Tom’s talk:

 We also are grateful for Father Henry’s opening prayer and introductory words.  We are lucky to have Fr. Henry and appreciate his support for our ministry.

  1. Listen to the podcast from Tom Peterson of Catholics Come Home…:

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