Listen to Fr. David Dye’s presentation…

Fr. David Dye, Administrator of Mary Our Queen parish in the Atlanta Archdiocese, spoke at a recent monthly meeting of Marriages Are Covenants. He spoke of his vocation as a Catholic priest and as a husband and father.  His talk traced his journey from the Anglican Communion to the Catholic Church.

Fr. DyeFather David Dye was born in Atlanta and graduated from Northside High School and Vanderbilt University in Nashville. He attended Emory University School of Law before leaving law school to enter The Protestant Episcopal Seminary of Virginia, Alesandria, Virginia. After graduating in 1971, he was ordained to the diaconate in the Episcopal Church and a year later to the priesthood.

Shortly after his ordination, he married Chantal Bialek Dye, his wife of 38 years. Chantal is from Alsace in France… she and Fr. Dye have three children: Gabrielle Russell, Leslie-Marie Segars and David F.J. Dye and seven grandchildren. With the exception of his son who is a lawyer in Denver, Colorado all the family live in Atlanta.

In 1988 the Dye family was received into the Catholic Church and in 1992 Fr. David was odained a Catholic Priest. He has now been a Catholic priest longer than his time serving in the Episcopal Church.

Marriages Are Covenants (MAC) is a parish-based ministry intended to help promote our understanding of the Sacrament of Matrimony as a sacred covenant between God and the husband and wife.  Meetings are usually held monthly and include both a spiritual instruction and practical application of the evening’s topic.  Many of the monthly meetings include a catered meal and fellowship. This ministry offers married couples an excellent opportunity for a “date night”  spent with other couples interested in stregthening thir bonds of marriage. – Deacon Mike

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