What is beauty?  What is truth?  Author Donald Demarco has written an insightful article on these questions and poses a compelling argument for the true meaning of beauty…and how we are living in a world drunk on image and glamour.  Please read his article and then help us answer the questions below.  We would love to know your opinion!

Can Beauty Save the World?

By Donald Demarco

St. Thomas Aquinas did not bequeath to the world extensive treatises on the topic of beauty.

However, he did provide posterity with a simple definition of beauty consisting of four words that, according to the great Thomistic scholar Jacques Maritain, “says all that is necessary.”  For Aquinas, beauty is id quod visum placet, ” that which pleases upon being seen.” 

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1.  What did you think of this article?


2.  He quotes the historian Danile Boorstin, who wrote:  “The American citizen thus lives,” he observed, “in a world where fantasy is more real than reality, where the image has more dignity than the original.”  Do you agree?  Disagree?


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