I have long been a fan of Matt Warner’s blog on NCRegister.com where he often addresses spreading the Faith through social media.  Today’s post is insightful and a good reminder to all of us about the dangers of simply reading great Catholic content.  We are called to action and to do something with the information we are absorbing.

From Matt Warner:

It is we who must be present-not just our stuff

Every Thursday I’ve been taking a different quote from something the Church teaches about social communication or new media and trying to apply it. This week’s comes from an address Pope Benedict made to the Roman Curia last year:

“God’s loving care for all people in Christ must be expressed in the digital world not simply as an artifact from the past, or a learned theory, but as something concrete, present and engaging. Our pastoral presence in that world must thus serve to show our contemporaries, especially the many people in our day who experience uncertainty and confusion, ‘that God is near; that in Christ we all belong to one another’.” (Pope Benedict XVI, Address to the Roman Curia,  21 December 2009).

To read the rest of Matt’s blog, click here: It is we who must be present-not just our stuff


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