I read Dr. Jeff Mirus’’s article this morning titled The Blueprint for Heroic Family Life and was thoroughly inspired by his candid and insightful views on what it takes to raise Catholic children today and our responsibility as parents to set a good example.  If you are concerned about raising kids in today’’s culture, this is worth a read.   Does this article resonate with you?  Please share your thoughts.

The Blueprint for Heroic Family Life

By Dr. Jeff Mirus

Owing to the confluence of an East-coast heat wave and the failure of a home air conditioning system, my son Peter, his wife Kristina and their two daughters lived with Mom and Dad again for a few days this week. Seeing Elena (age seven) and Natalie (four) bright-eyed and cheerful at the beginning of each day was a joy. It was also a reminder of how things used to be. With the last of our six children going off to college this Fall, I sometimes need to be reminded that I’m a father. Perhaps you don’t want to hear about it? Oh, but you do.

The late Fr. John Hardon, author of our online Catholic dictionary, was fond of saying that only heroic Catholic families will survive in today’s world. But Father Hardon is no longer here to tell you what this means, so you’re stuck with father Jeff. My explanation can be divided into two categories, firmness and flexibility.

To read the full article, click on The Blueprint for Heroic Family Life

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